7 ways to have fun in British Columbia, if you can not go on vacation

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This story is as old as the world: you and your friends decided to have a small vacation in Hawaii, and at the time of the gathering, you understand that each of you has absolutely no money for the trip as a result, the rest is on the verge of collapse. Now you have two ways out of this situation: either you still go on vacation, being deeply in debt, or you radically change your plans for a vacation, which everyone can actually afford.

Although this is not at all the tropical paradise you hoped for, British Columbia is filled with all sorts of interesting activities that will not empty your wallet. Gather friends and go on one of ten adventures that will surely be unforgettable (and most importantly accessible. Located in Hope, OthelloTunnels Park can be an ideal day trip, depending on where you come from. There are so many different tunnels through which it’s so nice to just wander around, that you can spend hours exploring and admiring the water beneath you. Plus, it’s completely free.

Penticton has many beaches and lakes that make it the perfect place for paddle boards, to boating and sailing, there’s simply an infinite number of places for camping, so you’ll surely find a place that suits you and your wallet. In addition, there is also a canal here, so you can easily You can gather friends and spend all day in the water on an inflatable mattress. KangarooCreekFarm Farm is actually a home for not only kangaroos, but also for many other animals. In addition to kangaroos, here you can also see capybaras, emu, sugar possums, parrots and other amazing farm inhabitants Located in Lake Country, this farm is a must-see! Throughout the summer, the cinema in the open air offers to attend open-air cinema sessions in various parts of British Columbia, so gather your friends and enjoy your favorite movie under the stars! Just remember to get blankets and caps.

Why not go to Vancouver Island to see the amazing market and the goats that live on the roof? There are also many sculptures and incredible paintings, which makes this place ideal for inspiration. If you still have money, then you can safely spend it on holiday in a chic hotel. Here, rest for every taste visit a massage or swim in the pool, but if you want, set up a camp nearby and go hiking. Undoubtedly, this will be an excellent mini-vacation for you and your friends. Although it’s a bit expensive, just over 45 per person, but tea at the Empress is the perfect way to spend the day. After tea, you can stroll through the rose gardens, or even go horse riding