Survey: 65% of Canadians are currently satisfied with Justin Trudeau

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The new vote, held today by the Angus Reid Institute, showed that 65% of Canadians at this point recognize Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. Prime Minister Trudeau spent only 10 months in office. It is worth noting that the national recognition of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who headed the majority government, reached only 42% in December 2014.

The main conclusions based on the results of the survey are as follows: Justin Trudeau’s recognition was the highest of all in this survey since he took oand foreign policy. The economy is still the main issue for Canadians, and on this front the outlook remains grim, especially in the provinces of Albertaand Newfoundland and Labrador, which are dominated by the oil and gas industries. Angus Reid pays tribute to the significant actions that Trudeau did in the summer. Among them: participation in Canada’s main pride parades, a shirtless wedding photobomb during a vacation in British Columbia, strong bromance with The Tragically Hip and Gord Downie, which ended in a personal chat-out on Instagram during the final Hip concert, and finally,the state a visit to China, during which Trudeau took many photos with the Chinese and got the affectionate nickname “Potatoes”. Despite the approval of the majority, the slots in Trudeau’s armor are obvious.

His economic policy continues to evolve, but at a much slower pace than other initiatives of the Premier, and hopes for improving the economic situation next year are gradually crumbling in the provinces. Also, according to the survey, Canadians say that their life situation is worse now than it was a year ago, and there are two times more people than those who believe that in the last 12 months life has become better. Add to this the ever-growing conviction that next year, under the leadership of Trudeau, will only lead to a worse standard of living, and it becomes unclear how the Prime Minister will be able to maintain his popularity.

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