The most “unusual” names of professions in Canada

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What is the strangest name of a profession that you have heard? Here is a list of the 10 most unusual occupations in Canada, according to LinkedIn: Maple Syrup Coordinator: “Maple Syrup Production Coordinator”. Polo arbiter: it may seem that everything is clear. But this is explained as follows: “An official who resolves conflicts that have arisen during polo matches.” Archebotanist: “A scientist who specializes in studying the remains of plants found during archaeological excavations.” Wildlife Technician: “The man who helps scientists working in the field of wildlife management and animal biology.” Forest rehabilitologist:

A person who works to stop or reverse the process of degradation and illegal deforestation. a planetary movement to explain and or predict events in people’s lives. Pet Stylist: “The Person Responsible for Maintaining the Appearance and Hygiene of Pets” most of them are probably “unusual”, but they are not super-weird. Continuing this topic, the Peter Harris recruitment agency once made a list of the top 10 weird vacancies posted on the Workopolis website. These were: Sausage Cleaner on an ongoing basis: Clean sausages in a meat factory. All day long. The guard of “erection” (from English. Erection construction, erection): For a construction company. Break your brain. These people know that they are funny. The company is called “MammothErections”. S M Coordinator: Whatever company publishes this position as Sales and Marketing Coordinator, it is worth reconsidering its abbreviation, otherwise they look funny. Ass driller (bunghole ass):

This is a person who is engaged in repairing wooden furniture. Now you must have caught the point. My boss seems to be a 12 year old boy. Chicken Rug: This is the person who determines the sex of the chickens. “Disturbing Experts”: this is the work that consists in setting up and operating machine-building machines. Cheese Manager: Nothing unusual. Just the man who runs the cheese. Ghostbusters:

This vacancy was published for a man who will hunt for ghosts for a TV show. Manager, mint candies innovations: The confectionery company wants innovations in the mint candy field. Finally, in 2013, BusinessInsider published a list of the 50 strangest vacancies offered by the CoburgBanks recruit company. Here are those who entered the top 10 Masterful “handshake” Lawyer of happiness Specialist in writing-a-hyphen Balding second stage Advisor on actions and consequences Professionalist International and world optical targeted staff professor Wizard of reincarnations Chief Mokatel cookies in tea.